Hello my friends! 

It’s Thanksgiving, my favorite season of pie! I know that this Thanksgiving looks a little different this year, and you might not be seeing so much of your family. But here are seven uniquely fun ways for you to celebrate: 

  1. Try a new food! No matter how small your family gathering, Thanksgiving is still a great day to try new foods! With the help of a grownup, you can make one of my awesome pie recipes- like my Every Flavor Pie
  2. Honor Indigenous History! November is Native American Heritage Month. Take some time with your family to learn more by streaming PBS films featuring Indigenous Voices. Find out whose land you live on at https://native-land.ca/  and honor the tribe with a land acknowledgement.
  3. Make and mail a card. Make a creative card and send it to someone special you’re not seeing this year. You could try this cute turkey craft, or draw a picture of you all together! 
  4. Be grateful. Acts of gratitude and being thankful can actually make you happier. Make a list of the things you’re grateful for this year. I’m grateful for my spatula Scrappy, my Bubbie, and the chance to make some delicious food to share with all of you. 
  5. Participate in a Challenge! Download our special 2020 printable Thanksgiving Challenge! You can earn points with every challenge you complete. Click here for the printout
  6. Step outside. Weather permitting, host your family meal outside. Or take a walk in the rain, hike in the snow or bike in the sun. Think outdoor themed crafts, scavenger huts and other kid activities! 
  7. Make new traditions. Check out some other cool 2020 Thanksgiving activities, from Good Housekeeping, Delish and Cafe Moms. It’s a great year to try non-traditional foods or even throw a Joke-a-Thon

I’m grateful for all of you this Thanksgiving. I hope you’re staying safe and healthy! 

Bon Appétit… and stuff!
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