About the Show


TY THE PIE GUY is an award-winning, scripted comedy cooking show that will help kids and their families learn how to make delicious meals at home. In some episodes, Ty will answer kid’s questions and ¬†teach them recipes so delicious, kids won’t even realize they are also nutritious! SUBSCRIBE NOW for weekly videos.

Ty makes being in the kitchen fun and exciting. His love of food and fun attitude inspires families to cook together, try new recipes and explore different kinds of cuisine. ROSE, Ty’s know-it-all little sister, often joins in the fun, giving the audience fun facts behind Ty’s recipes.

Different episodes include:

TY’S PIES -Ty gets a call on his oven phone and always has to help. Got a food challenge for Ty? Email him typieguy@gmail.com Your idea might be an episode one day!

TY’S TRIES – Ty and his friends try different kinds of food to find out what they like and don’t like!

TY’S TIPS –¬† quick tips for safe and easy cooking in the kitchen.

TY’S TALKS – Learn a little bit more about Ty and his sister Rose in special chats, holiday highlights and challenges.

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