Long time no see!  Ty the Pie Guy is coming back, this time for a full-length feature film.  The script, forged in the eternal fires of Ty’s oven, is already making the rounds at various screenwriting festivals this year.  Has it won any awards you may ask?

1st Place, Family Film ScriptHollywood Hills Awards

2nd Place, Family Film Script – Las Vegas Screenplay Contest

Official Finalist, Family Film Script – Cannes Screenplay Contest

So what might this movie be about?  Well I’m glad you asked.

Ty the Pie Guy: The Movie is a hilarious family adventure film with a culinary twist! Based on the award-winning digital TV show and starring Ty the Pie Guy himself, this brand new story explores a whole new side of pie, um, we mean Ty. When Ty’s bakery and small-town is threatened by an evil developer, he and his friends work to save the whole town. New heights, fresh sights, and food fights await in this hearty feature.

With readings of the script well underway, we’re excited to see where this project goes!  In the mean time, if you want more Ty, head on over to Amazon to watch some of your favorite episodes.