It’s no surprise that some of my favorite April Fools Day pranks are right out of the kitchen. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Trap the silverware drawer in Jell-o. It’s a complicated prank but it really pays off.
  • Swap mashed potatoes for ice cream. Hey, at least it doesn’t melt…
  • Loosen the lid on the salt shaker. Some unsuspecting hungry person will have quite a shock.
  • Wake up early and swap out the sugar in the sugar bowl with salt. When dad goes for his morning cup of coffee they’ll be in for quite a shock.
  • Scrape the frosting off the insides of Oreos and replace with toothpaste. Put all the Oreos back in the package and leave it out on the counter.
  • When your little sister asks you to make her a PB&J after school, use pasta sauce instead of jelly. She won’t notice until after she takes the first bite.
  • When setting the dinner table, drop a couple ice cubes in one of the water glasses and fill it up with white vinegar instead of water. Ew!
But be careful, you don’t want your April Fools Day to get too out of hand! What are some of your favorite pranks?