This New Years I’m actually going to follow through on my resolutions. Resolutions are just goals you make at the beginning of each year. If you put them in writing and tell people in a blog post marked resolutions, you’re much more likely to go through with them. So here are some of mine for 2016:

  • Find out why there are holes in bagels.
  • Make it through a Pixar movie without crying
  • Take the training wheels off of my roller skates
  • Perfect my snickerdoodle recipe
  • Watch more YouTube videos of unlikely friendships between different animals. Apply lessons learned to my own life
  • Meet a muppet
  • Learn to double Dutch while cooking with a Dutch oven
  • Develop a taste for tomatoes
  • Foster a teacup pig for a week
  • Read more cookbooks specializing in jello
  • Develop a new flavor of frosting
  • Brush my dogs teeth more (but not with my sisters toothbrush)
  • Break a world record
  • Cap off seeing Star Wars in theatres to no more than 30 times
  • Teach even more families how to cook!

Need help coming up with some of your own? Try filling out our handy-dandy Resolutions worksheet. A printable version available here.