‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even Rose’s mouse, Skippy.

The kitchen was quiet
And ready to cook.
The turkey was brining,
Rose was asleep in her book.

When all of a sudden
The kitchen started shaking!
Oh could it be Santa?
Oh no, that’s the exploding pie I was baking.

But then it happened,
The roof was a-clatter.
We just re-shingled
So what else could be the matter?

The sound of laughter
Bellowed out nice and slow
Warming the air with a
Ho Ho Ho

I knew it was him
When I saw his black boot
Tucked very neatly
Into his red velvet suit.

When all of a sudden it hit me –
How could I be such a rookie?
I forgot to leave Santa
His special Christmas cookie!

I rushed to the kitchen
And looked in the fridge,
There wasn’t a cookie,
Not even a smidge!

But then I saw it,
It was the last in the jar,
Painted red and green
And shaped like a star.

I slunk towards the chimney
And put the cookie in place
Next to a warm glass of milk
Just in case.

I wanted to see The Big Man himself
But my eyes shut for a second,
I was dreaming of elves.

And when I awoke,
He was already gone.
The sun was coming up,
It was the crack of dawn.

The gifts were by the tree,
It was oh! quite a sight.
As I heard from the rooftop:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night…

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