My friends and I tried all kinds of ice cream including something called Macapuno! You too can have your own taste test at home. In addition to the flavors we all know and love (like vanilla, strawberry, mint chocolate chip), try to find some of these other crazy kinds:

Blue Moon – Bright blue and tastes like Fruit Loops, originated in the Midwestern united states

Grape Nut or Brown Bread – Vanilla with little crunchy bits

Green Tea – Comes from Japan and tastes like green tea

Neapolitan – Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry all in one! It was originally made popular by Italian immigrants in America.

Moose Tracks – Vanilla with fudge and peanut butter cups all swirled together.

TigerTail – An old fashioned flavor, its creamy orange flavored with black licorice swirls.

Birthday Cake or Cake Batter – A good choice if it’s your birthday, it usually comes with sprinkles.

Once I even had lobster ice cream when I was on vacation in Maine! Let us know what crazy flavors you tried in the comments.